Zezette by Montmartre - COMMANDE PERSONNALISÉE "Tabliers"
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Pour looker :
• votre personnel / votre staff
• les offrir en goodies ou cadeau d’entreprise
• les distribuer lors de soirées événementielles ou cadeau presse
• les vendre dans votre établissement ou dans vos boutiques

Zélia trouve la bonne idée, le détail suprême, et crée le tablier qui raconte votre histoire. A vos côtés elle assure la direction artistique quant au choix du tissu, de l’imprimé, les options à privilégier : sérigraphie, broderie classique, broderie d’art, travail des poches, des bretelles, des empiècements… et son équipe de communication vous accompagne jusque dans les moindres détails pour décliner packaging ou coffret cadeau, dossier de présentation, carte d’authenticité, habillage de stand, scénographie, signalétique, reportage photo, …afin de créer un événement à votre dimension.

Zezette by Montmartre, de l’’esprit dans vos tabliers !

• Custom Orders and Service •

Creation of limited-edition items for professional and personal private events.
Trust us to create aprons in your colors to:

• Embody your company, your identity, or your story at an event.

• Design a uniform for your employees that aligns with your brand.

• Offer your customers a prestigious gift to combine business with pleasure.

• Celebrate a ceremony or award, a cultural or historical assembly.

We are at your service to organize a fashion show according to your needs. We will equip you with all your needs (male models, female models, makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, videographers, etc.) For the models, we can bring in our “crew” of models, or you are free to create your own crew from your collaborators, friends, and associates from all walks of life and every age—that is the spirit of Zezette by Montmartre. You do not have to be a supermodel to know how to walk; spontaneity and enthusiasm is all that’s required! The goal is to create an original show, in the spirit of your brand and perfectly in line with your theme.

The artist, Zélia, coordinates all artistic direction from the fabric choice and the prints, to the details: serigraphy, classic or artistic embroidery, pockets, inserts, and more. Her communication team will accompany you to the smallest details; whether you want packaging or gift boxes, product presentation, certificate of authenticity, dressing booth, scenography, signage, photos, in order to create the perfect even for you.